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Remote: Async First

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It will be first part of my journey to enable remote & distributed team.

Today is the first day to do work from home for all employees in Airy. Synchronous communication still carried over. It still hard to change mindset like, “I need a meeting to resolve X”.

Most of the time, resolving something doesn't need physical appearance. We only need to send an email or create a thread on Slack.

Jason on his book, Remote: Office not Required, wrote a good word:

Questions you can wait hours to learn the answers to are fine to put in an email. Questions that require answers in the next few minutes can go into an instant message. For crises that truly merit a sky-is-falling designation, you can use that old-fashioned invention called the telephone.

So the biggest thing I learn today are asynchronous communication is not our default mindset and it's need to be resolved to enable remote team!

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